4/20 & it’s Significance

 The famed day for many around the globe, 4/20. This plant revolutionized the way we take a look at the world of organic medicine as we know it. The leaps and strides that the natural health industry has taken throughout the modern age could not have been where it is today without the marijuana laying down the groundwork for various other forms of alternative medicine. There was a day in age where prison was appropriate for the use of it and now it is utilized as a legal substance around the world for all kinds of needs. pharmaceutical companies as well as companies associated with the industry likely were not too excited about the light that was being spread in regard to marijuana being such an easy solution for many and this played heavy influence on the amount of time it actually took for the process of legalization. Countless studies have been conducted regarding this plant and it allowed for the ability to have tailor-made, natural derivatives in other plants come to fruition such as CBD. CBD is commonly derived, after all, from the sister plant of marijuana which is known as hemp. Here, we’ll discuss the similarities as well the differences between marijuana and its sister derivative CBD.


What’s the Difference?

Well there are quite a few differences and we’ll mainly discuss the most significant proponents of the two. The biggest difference between the two is that CBD is not inherently psychoactive like marijuana. Now you may be asking yourself, what does that even mean? Well, psychoactive effects are what we call the “feeling” of being “high.” It is what causes the mental shift and affect over the brain which can aid in various ways but also limit others such as driving or doing other complex activities. CBD on the other hand, roughly speaking, derives a particular set of benefits without yielding any psychoactive effects on the body so essentially one would have their mind fully aware yet still reaping the benefits of natural medicine. This results in the ability to be able to extract the benefits and prioritizing those exclusively over anything else. As a result, more people are likely to dive into the world of endocannabinoid system relative to acquiring mind altering effects in the process. This is the main difference between the two, but the other notable difference is that CBD is a concentrated form of a cannabinoid whereas marijuana has countless cannabinoids within its naturally occurring flower state. If one can target the specific cannabinoids that are emitting a unique benefit, then over-amplification in terms of concentration can enhance those beneficial qualities.


What’s the Similarity?

The similarities, of course, are plentiful as CBD is after all one of the derivatives of marijuana’s sister plant. They both take advantage of the endocannabinoid system in similar ways by having the system exposed to the natural compounds, known within both of them as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids effectively can target a wide of behavioral, physical, and emotional effects and both of these guys, CBD and marijuana, take full advantage of this. They do so in similar fashion as well. CBD can actually be ingested while smoking, orally, and in other forms just like marijuana can. There can be different concentrations and different levels of intensity, result-wise, just like its sister plant. The biggest similarity of them all and the most important one to note for the health of the people is that they are both naturally occurring compounds in nature that are not created and produced through mechanical methods such as pills or other forms of pharmaceutical medicine. We at Dr. Hemp hope you guys all have a blessed 4/20 celebration safely in your homes. As we all know, it is a very much needed break from these unprecedented times!