Cannabinoid Education: Delta-8 THC

The cannabinoid world can definitely seem very daunting when first exposed to the topic due to the vast amount of information that’s readily available on the market. Here, we will take a closer look into some of the most common cannabinoids found in a lot of the products on the market today. So, let’s break this up into two individual parts with one part being THC and the other being CBD. now the difference between the two is definitely less significant than the similarities but the effects on the patient are vastly different. The psychoactive affect, or what makes one feel “high”, comes from the cannabinoid known as delta-9 THC which is readily available in THC based products. This psychoactive, sometimes, is not wanted for a variety of reasons but the effects of the cannabinoid world are still to be desired and this is where CBD comes into the mix. We will keep this short and sweet as there are quite a few differences between the two, but the main difference is that CBD does not produce psychoactive affects such as THC due to the low delta-9 content in the products. So, where does delta-8 come into the mix and why is it important? Well we’ll get into all of that stuff next!

Structurally, there not that many differences between delta-8 and delta-9 THC. Simply put, the difference is the placement of a double bond in the chemical compound which then alters a bit of its structural rigidity and how it maintains its form. Now if you didn’t get all that chemistry, that’s okay! The main difference between the two, from a user perspective, is that the delta-8 THC is reported to be less psychoactive therefore one would not completely be “high” as the traditional delta-9 variant, but one would sort of be on a “cruise control” so to say. The affects in essence are a lot more mild and are easier to integrate in daily life. This would mean that typical “fogginess” that is synonymous with traditional THC theoretically would not be an issue. Tasks like computer work, chores, or simply relaxing and watching the tv will result in a much more engaging experience. As a result of this engaging affect, it is very much possible that the anxious feeling that some get with traditional delta-9 THC may not be the case anymore with delta-8. The cannabinoid world and its research are far from over and the more research findings that occur could possibly help improve more people’s lives. New breakthroughs in the world of cannabinoids are happening every day and the delta-8 variant is a clear example of that. As always, stay safe and stay healthy!