CBD and Mental Health

Where is the connection? 

For years, the only answer to mental health related issues for people has been to go to your doctor and get prescription medication, that most often, would not completely target the issue but would instead mask it with the countless side effects that stem from these medications. CBD has been touted for aiding in panic attacks, depression, as well as anxiety. The reasoning behind this is that the endocannabinoid receptors in our body that exist are most often not efficiently targeted by prescription medication thus leaving room on the table for a more natural and effective product. This would be where CBD comes into the story. Its ability to aid in calming and relaxing the body via targeting the neurotransmitters of the endocannabinoid system may be the key point as to why so many have found CBD to aid in their mental health issues. CBD has no psychoactive effect like the traditional THC compound therefore one’s sense of awareness is clear. Providing a more natural, organic solution to mental health is what CBD offers the market and its credibility has been established in many research based which is what we’ll talk about next!


Why is CBD a Great Alternative


Pharmaceutical companies have been monopolizing mental health treatment for decades as pills were the sole answer to almost all of the issues that mental health is the umbrella to. There was no organic remedy available to the mass market until very recently (a few years ago). CBD and its cannabinoid profile has been studied extensively in various clinical trials. The key advantage to using hemp CBD is the lack of side effects the product offers since it is not heavily manufactured. Various forms of CBD exist such as salves (balms), pre-rolls, tinctures, as well as other creams. Choosing which one is the best for you is definitely an important thing to figure out as everyone is different and some forms may tend to be more effective than others. Military veterans have taken a great liking to CBD due to its effective in targeting post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. The improvement of day to day living and recovery was what CBD was created for and seeing those benefits seen from military veterans truly displays its potential effectiveness. The cost of CBD versus the mainstream “solutions” is also a leg up as it is a realistically priced product available for everyone. Mental health sometimes can stem from physical limitations or pain which needs to be addressed in order for recovery and this is a commonly overlooked variable that CBD has the answer to. The fitness world and CBD has been a very popular combination as its mostly used for recovery after grueling workouts. The full and holistic scope of CBD has not yet been known as clinical trials are ongoing for various issues with some very promising results.