CBD & Discomfort

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With everything going on in the world, our daily routine has definitely been uprooted and switched around quite a bit. The amount of time spent indoors and being inactive has drastically increased for many of us. Being active, outdoors, and just moving seems to be a lost memory. These changes can often create many unwanted physical changes such as muscle loss, fat increase, and unnecessary pain in various areas throughout the body. While CBD cannot help with muscle building or losing weight, CBD may aid in the discomfort of the aches and pains! Inactivity can commonly become something that affects the joints from lack of movement but also the mind as it’s a drastic change to our usual daily lives. Sleep habits can be affected as a result of this and the bi-product could lead to inactivity at very high levels due to negative mood swings and other variables. Here, we’ll quickly discuss some of the solutions CBD can offer and why it is so important to be able to pick yourself back up and surge on forward!

cbd and mental health

The physical form directly takes its well-being from the mind above. If the mind is not well situated, then the battle the physical form must fight will all be for naught. Our mental health has a lot to do with our sleep cycles more than what people would imagine. It is essentially a snowball effect in the sense that the deregulation of one’s sleep cycle can directly affect when one eats, rests, and the entire day. Our CBD tinctures can be a great solution to getting your sleep schedule back on track in a natural way! While other medication also has a similar effect, the organic and natural qualities that Dr. Hemp’s CBD tinctures offer cannot be had by pills. Traditional sleep medication, in addition to possible side effects that can negatively affect your health, can also make one feel extremely groggy and tired in the morning as they can be way too strong and taxing on the body. Often times REM sleep, the state in which optimal sleep is had, is not achieved by these medications. Now when the mind is ready so that the body can go to battle, the physical form also needs attention and that’s where our CBD salves do their thing! CBD salves are also natural and organic solutions to possibly aid in the recovery process from aches and pains. This could allow those stubborn sensations in your joints to finally go away so you can be at your very best and tackle the tasks you have in your life. Remember, the way you feel mentally and physically can most often dictate the amount of effort and energy you put into doing the things you love to do. When we fix these issues with small adjustments to our routine, great things happen!