Coronavirus & CBD, is there a link

Coronavirus outbreakAs we all know the viral infection known as COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc on almost all of the known countries in the world. This blog is not going to get into specifics of how the coronavirus originated, where it came from, or what the possible outcome will be from this epidemic. We are going to focus on the what effects of COVID-19 from the view of an individual. The virus has caused us to leave our work, our hobbies, and our outdoor happiness in exchange for solitude within our own residence. This drastic change took a toll on many of us mentally and physically, even though we were not “infected.” As a society everyone, infected or not, has had negative scenarios spring about in their lives. Many studies show that mental health can take an acute nosedive when someone is in isolation for prolonged periods of time (which is what is currently going on now!) and this is silent battle does not need to as hard as you think it might be. There are solutions out and currently available that aid in these troubling times. CBD has been shown in a variety of ways, and in multiple forms, to show progress in some key symptoms that are coming about in many of us due to COVID-19.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Some of the basic things quite a few of us are struggling with is the inability to exert our energy due to the vast amount of closures that are arising all over the United States. Going to the gym is pretty much impossible at this point (I know you all were about to get that summer body). Individuals who are active on a consistent basis and suddenly seize that activity, most often, tend to show signs of restlessness and trouble falling asleep. CBD tinctures can be a very helpful and natural solution to this issue because of its relaxing and calming qualities. If smoking is more your style, hemp pre-rolls also assist induce a calming sensation just like CBD tinctures do. Anxiety and depression has also been known to be lessened by the effects of CBD and one of the biggest advantages right now, as a result of the current world conditions, is that CBD is readily available due to it not primarily coming from big pharma. This means there are no lines to wait in, no shortages to stress over, and no delay in acquiring the solution you need.

Benefits of cbd

            Now hold your horses here, we are not saying CBD can cure the coronavirus but what we are saying is that it can help the situation that coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused. Getting proper medication for mental health issues is important but we should always ask ourselves if the side effects are actually worth it and if the level of real necessity is there. CBD has next to no side effects with studies showing the positive outcome that CBD achieved. This would essentially be through treating the emotional response of the epidemic by addressing the effects of a rapid change in lifestyle. No waiting in line, no exposure, just an easy delivery to alleviate discomfort. Try out CBD, it’s the best time do it! This just might be the natural remedy that you’ve been looking for.