Hemp Extract


D E R I V I N G   T H E   O I L

What is Extraction?

Extraction in a literal sense is to take a particular component or compound out of a given substance. Here is a more applicable example for all of us to better understand. You wake up and make yourself some coffee, add some sugar, and stir up the goodness. How would we get the sugar back out of the coffee? That is extraction, to take a component of something that has multiple ingredients and separate it. The sugar, in this case, would be the sweet cannabinoid oil being separated from the hemp plant! There are many different methods in separating this component from hemp with each having their own pros and cons which we’ll get more into next!


CBD OIL Extraction

T H E   M E T H O D

How are they different?

Ethanol :

Characteristics unique to the ethanol extraction method is the ethanol solvent itself. It’s what takes the sugar out of the coffee! The advantages of using the ethanol chemical is that it binds very easily to all of the goodies we want to take out of the hemp plant such as various terpenes, various other cannabinoids, and of course, CBD! Now chemistry is not everyone’s strong suit, it’s not mine either, so I’ll save the nitty gritty compound names for another day. In essence the big advantage with using ethanol is that it contains properties that allow it to be very fairly soluble in water. This is key because it affects the rate and effectiveness of the oil during consumption since our bodies are about 70% water. The extracted hemp oil will have a fuller, more potent effect since it can enter our bodies with much less resistance!


This method has some very distinctive qualities that cause it to differ quite a bit from other extraction techniques. The biggest difference is that the carbon extraction process cannot separate compounds that are too different from itself. This means that certain cannabinoids and terpenes within the hemp plant are left out of the crude oil which is used for our consumption. The carbon method can be scaled more easily than ethanol extraction due to the availability and minimal maintenance required for the compound. There are pros and cons to both of these methods and, as consumers, being informed is very important. Try both of these methods to see which extraction best suits your body and your needs!


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