How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

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So, you’ve realized CBD is the solution for your discomforts, you’ve bought the CBD tincture you needed, and you need to know the next step. How much CBD oil Should I take? This blog will pick apart some of the methods folks use with their CBD tinctures that have different concentrations! We’ll guide you step by step in order for you to get the most effective use out of your new and shiny product. The main pointers that will be covered are tolerance, level of discomfort, and choosing the correct concentration for the amount of CBD that is being used.

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Tolerance is the ability to be able to withstand foreign effects on the body. This process can lead to the issue of certain chemicals not being as effective as they once were at the same concentration, thus demanding some type of change to yield the same response desired. Pharmaceuticals have this problematic topic of tolerance arise quite often, especially with antibiotics. As we know, there are quite a few different medicines that yield the exact result and response from the patient and this boils down to the main factor being tolerance. The way to get around this issue, holistically and not just with CBD, is to either take a break or up the dosage is the same product is desired. For CBD specifically, the time in which CBD is ingested may also affect the response from the body. Some of these factors could be diet, what we eaten prior to ingestion, stress-levels, and various other things. So, in essence, we recommend switching up the routine every now and then!




The level of discomfort (which was also the main purpose of ingesting the CBD) can also play a role in the big question: How much CBD oil Should I take? We always recommend starting off with lighter dosages based on volume. For example, a 0.5ml (or half a tincture droplet) dosage would be a reasonable starting point to gauge the level of effectiveness for that given pain. This allows for prolonging the life of the tincture itself for the consumer by avoiding unnecessarily overusing it and running out faster than it should have! Going up by increments of 0.5ml until the results are what is desired would be the most optimal way for your body and for your wallet in using a CBD tincture. As we all know, in the united states during these times money can be an issue for quite a few people and that shouldn’t come in the way of treatment that’s necessary for your body. These few, but crucial, tips can help for better using this product!


What Concentration?


What CBD tincture concentration should you buy? The short answer would be, buy the highest concentration. We’ll get into the why! Buying the highest concentration may seem like some cheap advertisement in order for you to spend more money but that is far from reality. Let’s say there are two tinctures, one that is 500mg and the other at 2000mg concentration. By using ¼ of a tincture droplet, you’d get the same dosage amount as you would with a full tincture droplet of the smaller concentration. The higher concentration tincture would theoretically last 4 TIMES longer if you were using the same dosage as the lower concentration. Purchasing the higher concentration would also yield the option of raising the dosage and not taking so much volume away. Tolerance builds over time and the higher concentration allows for you to continue the journey to recovery without purchasing again immediately upon getting “used” to the product. Let this be your guide to choosing the right CBD tincture for you!