JUUL addiction grabbed the world, Now it's Puffbar

JUUL addiction The disposable vape industry has blown up in the past months, but one brand stands above them all, Puffbar. They’ve monopolized the industry so much so that their design language as well as their actual product has been copied and reproduced countless times over. While some of these other products are reputable, there are quite a few “fake” disposable lookalikes on the market that do not have the same standard as the original. This can and has caused the level of risk on the consumer’s end to rise greatly which in turn can be very detrimental to one’s personal health. Now we all know smoking is, of course, harmful but having products pose as something else leads to far greater complications when the device, as well as the juice within it, is not as stringently regulated. These health concerns are only amplified by the trying times in the world due to the coronavirus having a major wake-up call to people around the world. There have been reports of wet lung illness in patients in young adulthood due to these counterfeit vaping products as well as fake THC vape cartridges. These phony products are causing a major health concern across the United States and bringing more information to the consumer will ultimately limit the amount of cases where health becomes an issue as a result of these counterfeit products.


Puff barsFirst let’s talk about how and why these health concerns are so important to us all now more than ever. Of course, nobody wants to have wet lung or any other illness as a result of fake products but in these current times the possibility and susceptibility to succumbing to illness is greater. The coronavirus ultimately is a respiratory illness that targets the throat and lungs of a victim. This is shockingly the same gateway that gets put under duress by smoking products that are not safe in the first place and therefore the level of likelihood of serious effects from coronavirus may possibly increase as a result of these products. Now you must be wondering, where do these products even come from? In short, we don’t really know the exact origin of these products but what we presume is that these products likely may be coming from China. Since they are one of the biggest hubs in the world for vape pen manufacturing and have some of the most nonexistent patent and copyright laws, it is fairly logical to assume that most of these phony products are coming from China.


Now there are ways to protect yourself against these products and first and foremost, the best method would be to just be aware of the fact that they even exist in the first place. The awareness always has and always will stem from information. But what if you are debating if something is real or not when you’re actually having the products in front of you? Well there is good news! Many of the biggest brands in the THC vape business as well as the disposable vape industry have tried to combat counterfeit products by actually including QR codes on their packaging as well as specific seals and markings to show the product is indeed genuine and has not been tampered with. Most of us do not really pay attention to these things but the reality is that these extra steps that the brands take, while small, are some of the best and most key pieces of information given to consumer about the whereabouts and history of their items. Some brands go even as far as displaying the packaging date on the product and even include codes to scan on their own website to prove authenticity. The cold truth is that none of these manufacturers, presumably in China, are going to stop any time soon and the current global health climate being so sensitive in these past few months makes it all the more important that we are able to distinguish a false product from a real one.


If this information is deterring you completely away from disposable vapes as well as THC pens, fear not! There are other popular options out there that can be just as helpful without any of the drawbacks that are usually recorded. CBD and hemp products are some of the most natural and effective products on the market right now and don’t plan to make their exit any time soon. These big boy players in the CBD industry are going to be here for a very long time because the product just works as advertised with clarity from the business side to the consumer side of things. Many popular brands such as Dr. Hemp actually provides detailed lab reports upon request for all of their products, so the security and the confidence are there for the consumer. Whether it is CBD and Hemp or any other product, always be sure to note the key telltale signs of a phony product. In these times, every choice regarding our health matters and we hope you all use original products by using some of these tips to avoid the fakes!