Insomnia & CBD

insomnia & Cbd

Insomnia, the inability to adequately rest for a prolonged period of time. Many of us suffer from it and the ability of rest seems like a far-fetched reality but there are solutions available to those who experience restlessness. Whether it is from the current economic crisis on the horizon or has been a recurring theme in one’s life, the restlessness may not be permanent. Now there are pharmaceutical companies out there who do indeed produce medication for this specific symptom but the side effects of these pills deter a majority of patients away. There are natural solutions to this problem and cannabidiol, CBD, is one of the compounds that are at the forefront of this issue. Let’s talk about it!

Cbd for insomnia

How does CBD aid in the ability to sleep? Most people start with question due to not being informed of the compounds agents and how our body reacts to them. CBD, at its core, has the effect of being able to sooth and relax the body which in turn leads into a good night rest. There are various forms in which CBD can be ingested but the most optimal form would be CBD tinctures. This CBD oil quickly gets into the pores of the mouth and instantly starts dispersing throughout the body to promote that calm, relaxing undertone required for a full rest. Did I mention it was organic? Yes! CBD tinctures, in relation to traditional pharmaceutical solutions, are the more natural and side-effect free method in treating sleeplessness. This is primarily so because of the endocannabinoid system in our body reacting to the cannabidiol being ingested. Traditional pills do not regularly target this part of the body which leads to a missed opportunity and causes a group of patients to exist that prefer to rather have sleeplessness than to deal with the mountain of side effects that come with the pills. This is where CBD comes into the mix, for this exact group. Dr. Hemp has a great selection of CBD oil for your needs and a pro tip from us is that one should start out with some of the lower concentration so tolerance will not be an issue moving on down the line! All you would have to do is just get one with a higher concentration of CBD! Typical ranges are from 500mg all the way to 2000mg tinctures which is more than enough to put even the most restless person at ease. Online ordering is going to be a staple for the remainder of the year check Dr. Hemp’s website for more information!