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Is CBD Oil Legal In Texas?

So, is CBD legal in Texas? If you're a resident in the great state of Texas, this is the question that has likely popped into your mind recently. The short answer to the question "Is CBD legal in Texas?" would be that it is indeed in compliance with the law. Due to the scarcity of the product in the market as of today, however, as we know with all things, it just isn’t that simple. With some of the new directives outlined by officials, the legality of hemp and CBD products is not in question but the level of THC content within these products is what is bottlenecking the market as it did with quite a few other states when the CBD industry caught fire in those respective areas. One of the key differences between hemp and CBD related products is that it has a drastically lower amount of THC content relative to its commonly related brother, marijuana.

While it seems simple to conclude that hemp is not marijuana and that CBD operates on different legal boundaries, the measurement for THC content within both products is the same. In Texas, hemp should often be within the 0.3% THC content range in order to be in compliance with the law throughout the state of Texas. This simple yet cost-intensive endeavor is the reason why the level of products in Texas are fewer than that of, say, California. We’ll dive into the nitty and gritty details about this testing world next!

The Bottleneck of CBD in Texas

Ideally, testing a given product would be done and that product would be validated by the legal services that govern the hemp and CBD industry, thus resulting in the legal sale of the product in the state of Texas. The caveat is that these tests are not as cheap as one would think. Some testing machines and ancillary components could range up to a million dollars or more! Now for many companies, that level of investment is just not worth their while to operate in Texas therefore most of the product that is within the state is imported from other states! Starting a CBD company within Texas seems to just be too expensive due to the high costs associated with the testing machinery required.

With that said, there is a big opportunity for the market in Texas to be tapped into and build that trust with the consumers in the area who have a need and desire for hemp and CBD. If you'd like to buy CBD Products Online, there's no better choice than Dr. Hemp; we are a trusted source for your hemp and CBD needs can be held over! Our online shipping direct to consumers is also available which allows for a more private way to take care of your needs as well! So, how long will it be before Texas has an abundance of CBD in the market? We’ll tackle that next!

When will CBD Oil be Legal in Texas?

Even though CBD is catching on quite quickly across the nation and its growth is seemingly very exponential, the fact remains that in the current economic climate it is not the best decision for many businesses to expand into new territory. This is primarily due to the coronavirus and the sad reality is that many businesses, even in the CBD industry are struggling to keep their doors open and their businesses running in these troubling times. While the government aid is trying to help relieve the effects of a pandemic on businesses in the United States, the caution based on the future is unknown is what is stunting the growth and expansion of all businesses, not just the CBD market. The foreseeable future seems to be an online experience for CBD and hemp as it is not only cost-effective relative to a storefront, but also safer.

The social distancing and spread of the Coronavirus are directly related to the health of the economy as well and to be able to aid in that cause by having an online portal is the best way to be able to combat this global issue. With that being said, the biggest thing that is a cause for concern is that the accessibility of a product in Texas may not be there for another few months or even a year. It really just depends on when the pandemic can allow us to be able to go back to the usual commerce this nation prides itself on. However, it also comes with the understanding that the barrier to entry is very high in terms of local companies arising and the pandemic is additively slowing this process down just that much more. The primary way of getting high-quality CBD Hemp Flower in a safe and reasonable way would be to order online for the time being until storefronts of your favorite company locally are available. 

CBD Oil in Texas: Latest News

In the most recent news regarding Texas, there has been a ban on smokable hemp products effective August 2, 2020. This ban essentially restricts hemp products from being bought or sold regardless of where the product originated from. That means out of state purchases will also no longer be an option until further notice. Now, this is not the end of the world when it comes to its citizens and their relationship with CBD. Smokable hemp is only one of the various options within the CBD segment and the most popular form, across all states, are tinctures. If you'd like to buy CBD Tinctures Online, feel free to check out our selection.

Originally, the Farm bill of 2018 founded and solidified the act of manufacturing and selling hemp in any given state that clearly stated their protocol with the new hemp industry in their areas. This monumental shift beginning on August 2 would be something that would crutch Texas in terms of Hemp but not the CBD market as a whole for its consumers. CBD Topical Salves are also one of the products that are untouched and can still be utilized as a solution for consumers! With that being said, this complex legality revolving around the CBD market in Texas can be shortened by this: CBD tinctures and balms are still able to be used by consumers although hemp flower is likely to be on its way out until further notice.