How cutting corners affects you ?

With CBD being one of, if not, the biggest forms of alternative medicine available today there are quite a few key factors that must be taken into account. Alternative care is something that typically is, but should most often be, something that is heavily regulated and monitored due to the nature of the product. Most companies in the respective field of wellness do have to answer to FDA guidelines, especially for CBD related instances. This is because of the new success of the product and with that success came quite a few companies which cut corners for the sake of being first rather than being the best they could be. Recently, it has come to the FDA’s attention that there have been multiple companies who have been found with less than adequate quality in their products. In this blog we will go over what to watch out for in regard to making sure you, the consumer, are getting the best and highest quality product available!


Reliable testingSome of the things to watch out for in the CBD market would be the actual lab testing that is being done on the products. Some companies may actually perform (or not perform) testing on all of their products and will not release that information openly to the customer. This is something to be very wary of because one should ask themselves, why would someone not openly release the contents of their product to those who are actually consuming that product? This would plausibly be due to the fact that either their product is not stacking up to their own advertising of the product or the overall purity of the product is not competitive relative to the other companies out on the market who openly release their lab reports. So definitely be wary of those who hide their reports! Another key factor to look out for is where they actually test their products and whether or not it is a third party or if it is an in-house testing facility. Often times a third-party testing solution is the most accurate and trustworthy relative to in-house operations due to the potential bias that may arise. Think about it, a company who tests their own product would reasonably not want their product to test poorly. This ethos brings down the rationality behind in-house testing! Most third-party testers are solely laboratories specifically to just test and nothing else which really drives home the importance of these test results being open to the consumers! With the FDA finding traces of lead in CBD oil from certain companies, the testing for the CBD market as well as the alternative medicine market in general will become more stringent than ever. For you, the consumer, please make sure the company you are buying your CBD from has lab reports readily available upon request!