Physical Wellness & CBD

CBD for knee painThere are many ways in which the physical body can be affected. As we all know it can be affected by molecules, heat, food, stress, and many other factors that are too hard to quantify in this blog! The effect CBD can have on the physical body as a counteraction to these stressors of life is not touched on as much as it should be, so we’ll be diving into that here. One of the major examples of this is the fitness industry and how it takes a toll on the body even though it is not conventionally seen as a negative, which it is. Muscle building and developing a strong cardiovascular system is definitely very important and should be an important part of everyone’s lives but is the process of fitness really the most optimal for the physical form? The area where we see that can be drastically improved by CBD is not during physical activity directly, but during the recovery phase. The recovery phase is where the body requires all of the expended nutrients to be refilled therefore the body can get back in the action as fast as possible. CBD can influence this recovery phase greatly by being able to possibly shorten this time window and alleviate the discomfort that comes with the territory of physical activity.

 CBD for muscle Relief

The biggest reason why CBD can aid in muscle soreness is because of its ability to be able to be targeted in a specific area. The most popular form of CBD to use in the fitness industry would have to be salves because of its nature to target localized pain and discomfort due to the way it is used. It is a cream-like solution that used on the skin and it affects the muscles through being able to channel its way through the pores of your skin, going deeper into the body. The main thing to be concerned about when using CBD balms is to really make sure that you are purchasing a balm that has a high level of CBD. the reason why this is so important is because of the fact that the balm is being applied on the skin the pores on the skin are much more difficult to go into than your salivary glands are. This important distinction shows that just because a 500mg CBD tincture is functional for you, it does not mean that a 500mg balm will be the best bet in accelerating the process of physical recovery after hard activity. Dr. Hemp’s 2500mg balm is an ideal concentration as the ability for the CBD to go deeper into the body effectively is increased due to the high CBD content in the product. This would result in the endocannabinoid system being much more receptive to these high levels of CBD which in turn may aid your goals of getting back into action much sooner than otherwise possible. If you’re on the fence about CBD being a routine in your fitness lifestyle, we definitely recommend you guys try the Dr. Hemp CBD salves! It just might be the thing that takes away that stubborn lingering pain!