Stress & CBD

With the current climate in the world, stress seems to be the dominating part of our daily lives. Our ability to communicate, have our peace in public, as well as providing for ourselves has all taken a downward turn for due to the epidemic currently plaguing the nation, coronavirus. As most of us are all too well aware, all non-essential businesses are experiencing low customer acquisition as well as shortages for the customers that do actually come around. These shortages stem not just to toilet paper, but also for your CBD needs!

 Stress and Cbd


The CBD market has a taken a big hit due to more than half of all sales in the CBD spectrum coming from physical store locations. Consumers now must turn to online portals, such as Dr. Hemp, in order to fulfill their requirement of their daily CBD consumption! With stress playing a key role in our day to day lives the need for CBD has gone although accessibility has surely gone in the downward direction. This coupled with over-inflated CBD pricing has led to many consumers yearning for a unique solution that provides good quality product at realistic pricing. So, how does stress actually become less of a factor when CBD is put into the equation? Inherently cannabinoid is a calming and soothing agent primarily with quite a multitude of affects that stem from the actual calm nature of the compound. The best way to describe it is that you can take that “edge” of stress and anxiousness with CBD. This solution is the most organic and healthy conscious way to rid oneself of their stress-related symptoms as a result of the storm we as people are currently in. Pharmaceutical pills are not the most optimal choice anymore, not just from a health perspective, because of the inability and lack of resources the traditional medical supply chain is facing at this time. Mitigating self-risk by staying at home cannot be sustained if one has to walk into a room full of ill patients to acquire pills for their discomfort. Cough cough, I am talking about the hospital (pun intended)!


The stay-at-home order issued by the government proves to us citizens that the risk for infection is off the charts, so why risk going into a known area of ill patients? Online resources, as of right now, are the most effective way to combat the symptoms one could be facing with stress as well conveniently having it delivered to your doorstep! One of the brands that can help you save a buck and not compromise quality relative to the competition is Dr. Hemp, they have you covered on your CBD needs. We’re all in this together, so let’s try and make this ride a little bit easier!