The CBD Process and Our Attention to Detail

 PRECAUTION is better than cure

With what is going on the world, there has been a magnifying glass around the globe about attention to detail. Sanitation, clean environments, and precautionary measures are more important than ever given the coronavirus situation. Here, we’ll take a look at how our company takes the upmost importance in being able to provide the best products in the safest way. From when hemp is received from our organic and pesticide-free farms, we put together our items with precision and care. Some of the most important things to keep an eye out for when looking for quality assurance is the method which workers are being tested in the current world health climate. In addition to this there are quite a few precautionary measures that, while they seem small, are essential the well-being of our customers. Often times these extra steps also require extra time but we believe that cost-benefit analysis is worth the jump in order to pass on that extra peace of reassurance that Dr. Hemp is doing everything they can to alleviate the risk of illness which has been so high because of the Coronavirus.


Our Team

 Quarantine clean, so relax

As with anything, it all starts from the inside out. One cannot ensure quality of their products outside if their team, on the inside, is not accounted for. Here are Dr. Hemp we take pride in making sure our team members are in optimal health when they are around our facility and taking care of orders for all of you! Every day at our operations we test for fever and have masks readily available to mitigate the amount of fluid transmission between team members but also between members and the products we hand out to customers. Gloves are also provided to the team members who handle packaging and shipping therefore ensuring the least amount of physical contact with other materials. As we all know, coronavirus is one of the most infectious illnesses that we a world have seen in quite some time and no measure is going “too far.” Gloves are frequently changed, masks are openly and freely used, and sanitation centers are readily stocked with disinfectant. While this may raise our cost and timetable for distributing our goods to the masses, this big step is worth it to us for the sake of protecting the dear customers that support us. As reported by the World Health Organization, fluid transmission is the number one method of contracting the coronavirus illness and the only way to prevent that is not by just wearing a mask. Here at Dr. Hemp our current practices include wiping down the outer packaging of all our shipping containers and packaging with sanitary wipes in hopes to be able to further prevent any transmission of any foreign substances from traveling on our CBD goods! This type of obsessive mindset along with attention to detail is what will help the universal health in these trying times. We at Dr. Hemp implore all of you to practice safe social distancing and exercise caution when needed! It is important for us all to do our part in order to win this fight so we can go back to upward trajectory we all are hoping to see very soon. Stay safe and stay positive!