What is CBN ?

 Cbd oil

There are quite a few breakthroughs happening within the cannabinoid world but most of the light is shed on the already well known and more popular compounds such as cannabidiol, or CBD. Well there is a new kid on the block and his name is CBN, also known as cannabinol. Now I know the names are very similar and all but trust me they do serve very different purposes! Of course, there are similarities as CBN and CBD are both essentially derived from the hemp plant but different compounds tend to yield affects in varying levels of intensity in addition to having all new responses in the body. There are two major key attributes to CBN that make it unique such as its use as a sedative and its use as an appetite stimulant. From the research and reviews of the compound that is available the overwhelming reception is that the CBN compound tends to have a dominating sedative effect relative to its CBD counterpart. We’ll get into how and for whom would find CBN a beneficial supplement in their arsenal!


 Tossing and Turning?

Tossing and turning  

All of us as some point in time struggle with falling asleep and tend to toss and turn, wasting precious hours of rest that could help our quality of life. Most individuals in the cannabinoid market tend to start off with CBD as it may guide us with the sleeping process as well but for those who have gotten accustomed to higher dosages may not be seeing the same benefit as they once were with cannabidiol. This is where CBN really shines. The sedation effects of CBN may be stronger than CBD so for those who’d like a more potent feeling of calmness and relaxation. If you have been using CBD and want a little change in pace, then CBN definitely should be on your radar! Cannabinol, just like CBD, does not have any psychoactive effects on the body because of the extraction process that essentially eliminates THC levels to a near-zero level. This means that the result would be an overwhelming flow of almost a form a drowsiness with self-awareness not being affected. I would recommend to those who do first dabble into CBN to definitely explore lower dosages to begin with to assess the level affect it will have, we’re all different! Remember I was talking about how CBN is an appetite stimulant? Let’s talk about that next!


No Appetite? No Problem!

 Apetite and problem

The appetite stimulant response that CBN elicits may not sound like something that is beneficial at first but there are many instances where this is key to giving someone a better quality of life in regard to their own health and well-being. For example, patients who are released after just undergoing surgery tend to have a tough time with their appetite and CBN may aid in promoting their body to ingest larger quantities of nutrients. In the medical world, there are many instances in which appetite tends to be a big issue. Cancer patients are the one of the most affected when it comes to having a low appetite due to the chemotherapy radiation therapy that is commonly used as a form of treatment for the individuals. These appetite stimulating properties may have very advantageous results in the overall health of the patient as adequate nutrients are being delivered to the body due to the increased appetite caused by CBN. Outside of the hospital, recovering individuals who have dealt with an eating disorder may find significant amounts of relief from cannabinol. Overall, CBN is something that may be worth looking into. This compound is not just another pharmaceutical pill that offers minimal relief with a bunch of lingering side effects. It’s organic, natural, and best of all it is easily accessible during these trying times where medical facilities are filled to the brim. Our vote, on whether CBN is worth trying, is an overwhelming yes.