Which form of CBD is Right for you


There are so many forms in which CBD can be used that sometimes it could seem overwhelming to realize what is right for you and your specific needs. Well this blog is for just that, to shed light on what the various forms of CBD are and how they should be used so you can make the best decision for your health and wellness! There are two main forms of CBD that are widely known and available which are balms (salves) and tinctures. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages which we’ll get into later so first let’s talk about what they even are! A tincture is hemp extracted oil that has the CBD content inside of it. typically, they come in about 28mL bottles and one serving is usually 1mL. Now there are multiple concentrations of CBD content in various tinctures, but they usually range from 250mg to 2000mg of CBD. The method of ingestion is simple, you just squeeze the dropper directly under the tongue and let it sit for about 15 seconds. This is in order for the CBD oil to be absorbed through your salivary glands and not through your digestive system which is a common misconception about tinctures. Balms are product you apply directly onto the skin and is absorbed over time through the pores of the skin. It typically comes in higher concentrations than tinctures such as 2500mg of CBD. There are some balms on the market that only have about 100mg of CBD and frankly, those are quite useless so stick to the higher milligram content when looking at balms as they are significantly more effective!

 The Benefits 

So let’s start off with tinctures! The main benefit of the tincture is that it is more of a full body and mind CBD experience relative to the balm. This is because, since it is ingested through the salivary glands, the entire body is up taking the CBD and not just a localized area. For this reason, CBD tinctures have been very popular for mood-based treatment as well as replacing products like melatonin as it may assist in achieving a refreshing rest in an organic way. CBD balms, or some refer to them as a salve, on the other are way more targeted and specific when it comes to the actual process of the body utilizing the CBD. This is because one can specifically apply to a given area and this is essential, for example, during recovery after a workout. The seemingly immediate relief is there in the localized area rather than having it at a lower level throughout the entire body like how a tincture would operate. Now I touched on definitely choosing a high CBD content balm, but why is that so important? It is vital for optimal affect because, unlike a tincture, the balm is applied to outside skin which is very protective and dense relative to the soft tissue in our mouth. The higher CBD content allows for better results in the actual absorption of CBD by the body and in addition to this it helps provide a longer lasting effect as the CBD content will continuously be absorbed in the body as long as it is still applied. Both the tincture and the balm definitely have their own unique solutions for a certain niche of issues, and you should try them out based on the actual problem you’re trying to solve. If it is more of an external issue such as soreness or pain, the CBD balm would be the best bet. If the issue revolves around mood, sleep, or just plain old relaxation then the tincture would be the optimal form of CBD.

What About Flower?

CBD pre rollsHemp flower, CBD straight from the source, recently has also been a very popular method of acquiring the benefits of cannabinoids. Mostly, flower hemp is used for recreational and relaxing purposes which falls more alongside the CBD tincture than it does the balm. Again, this is due to the balm being something that can be localized whereas the flower or tincture cannot. The unique ability of flower is to be able to find or tailor your hemp smoking by the strain and actual CBD content of the flower. If certain strains work better for you relative to others, there is an ability and freedom to be able to do that with flower as different strains come in varying amounts of cannabinoid content. Most reputable CBD companies should provide access to the associated lab reports for transparency to the customer. If a company does not have that level of information readily available for the customer, stay away! We as people should have the right to know what it is we have and where it came from and it is our duty to hold companies accountable so more access and information can flow through from the lab, to the company, and all the way safely to the customer. Our advice is to try out all of the forms of CBD and hemp that was mentioned in this blog and figure out what your body best responds to. There is a solution for everyone but the takeaway here is that you should find the BEST solution for you!