Dr. Hemp’s 1.2g Blueberry pre-roll is infused with natural plant extract. Our 100% USA-grown organic flower allows for a soothing experience from a natural source. More potent than our Banana pre-roll, the Blueberry pre-roll has a calm yet noticeably stimulating flavor. It is 100% pesticide-free, lab-tested, and all-natural organic. Having no artificial additives or preservatives enhances the natural character of our flower.

For those who love a strong and soothing experience, Blueberry is the pick.

Selected Flavor: Blueberry

Dr.Hemp Flavors

Our 100% organic hemp is lab-tested, free from additives and pesticides, and always harvested from the highest quality sources. With infusions of CBD and CBG, our hemp delivers the full spectrum of therapeutic benefits.



Each pre-roll contains a terpene-infused filter for the most flavor. With no additives or
preservatives, Dr. Hemp offers the best-tasting, most beneficial hemp pre-rolls. No other pre-roll offers the fullest taste with all the benefits of hemp. Enjoy a carefully grown, expertly rolled CBD/CBG pre-roll with a soothing and vibrant flavor.

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