CBD in Bulk Inquiry

Dr. Hemp has worked efficiently with many USDA Certified Hemp farms and Hemp Processors to offer CBD products in bulk or Private Relabeling products. Based on our mutual partnership and exclusivity we are now offering wide streamline of CBD products in bulk whether you are new in the business or a well established business, we give you access to a variety of Premium Grade Quality CBD with Realistic Price Points.

Our wide assortment of CBD products in bulk and Relabelling include: Cannabigerol Tinctures, Broad Spectrum Zero THC & Full Spectrum Tinctures, Hemp Flower, CBG Flower, CBG Tinctures, CBD Isolate, Organic CBD Pain Salves, Packaged High Quality Hemp flower, Lab Tested Hemp Pre-Rolls Joints, Hemp Gel Caps.


If you’re interested in getting more information about buying CBD in bulk or Private Relabelling your own brand, Feel free to contact us below !