Berry Terps


Dr. Hemp’s Berry Terps allows you to truly savor your pre-rolled CBD/CBG smoking experience with the familiar taste of sweet, tart berries. King palm wraps will ensure that your CBD pre-rolls with CBG burns slow and smooth, giving you an unparalleled smoking experience!

Selected Flavor: Berry Terps

Dr.Hemp Flavors

Dr. Hemp’s 100% organic, pesticide free hemp is always harvested from the highest-quality sources. Our hemp is lab-tested, with infusions of CBD and CBG, and free from additives. We use full spectrum hemp for full benefits, and you can expect your hemp to contain all the naturally therapeutic compounds.



This hemp flower with a berry finish gives your CBD/CBG smoking experience a natural, buoyant feel. Using our organic flower and a terpene-infused filter, taste the full benefits of hemp with the soothing berry finish. Enjoy the gentle taste of berries in this delicately made, pre-roll remedy.

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